Advertising Effectiveness Evaluating

No topic in the field of marketing does not require such extremely high level of professionalism from marketers, as the assessment of advertising effectiveness. This is a very time-consuming and laborious process that will be successful only if the whole company, including top management, making efforts to conduct such calculations.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that the performance evaluation should be conducted regularly and systematically, which requires from the employees and from the management discipline. The company constantly needs to collect statistics to be able to compare results for different periods. This is possible only if the company has developed and integrated into the business processes a certain method of performance evaluation. However, there are plenty of methods of performance evaluation, as well as numerous of the nuances of their use. The use of incorrect methods will give results that can lead to erroneous management decisions.

On the effectiveness of the advertising tied many processes associated with advertising: planning for the future of the advertising budget, selection of advertising media, planning schedule of promotional materials, selection of creative advertising ideas, etc. in Addition to these processes, to evaluating the effectiveness of advertising is often tied to the system of stimulation of personnel of the marketing Department. The result of the work of the sales Department is also associated with the effectiveness of advertising – are often required to share in the General growth of the sales impact itself, advertising and influence the efforts of sales staff.

In recent years, a host of new channels of promotion in the market. Among them the most promising and fastest growing is the Internet, social media and mobile marketing. Therefore, the methods of evaluating the effectiveness needs to be flexible to recognize the diversity of marketing communications made by the company to the market.

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We will help to design individually tailored to your objectives and budget with a unique system of performance evaluation, which would support both marketers and senior management in making managerial decisions. Our solution is comprehensive – it will cover all possible areas of evaluation and prediction of effectiveness:
  • Commercial (economic) effectiveness of advertising
  • communicative effectiveness of advertising
  • Media-advertising effectiveness
  • tests
  • Experimental evaluation and trial sale
Designed for you methods of evaluation of effectiveness will include:
  • regulations for the collection of primary (internal) information
  • the mathematical apparatus (the formula in the Excel file),
  • regulations of marketing research effectiveness (if necessary)
  • standards of regular performance reports
The project will be carried out to test the method on a real plant practices, the results of testing will be prepared and trial performance report. We are also ready to hold a workshop with employees, focuses on teaching the principles and methods of evaluation of advertising effectiveness.фильмы бесплатно