Communication strategy

This service allows you to ensure the growth of awareness of the company among the target audience, the growth of positive attitude to products/services of the company. In addition, if further use of the strategy will enable to achieve coordination of efforts of specialists of the Department of marketing and advertising, as well as outside contractors (advertising and marketing agencies) in achieving the business objectives of the client.

The content of the service:
  1. the Choice of communicative purposes
  2. Characteristics of the target audience and its characteristics
  3. Developing brand positioning
  4. the key messages of the advertising campaign (unique selling proposition)
  5. Formation of a complex of means of promotion tactics and their use
  6. Structuring of the advertising budget across regions, products/services, on time, on advertising media
Design services, creative and media planning are included.

Duration: from 1 week to 1 month (excluding the time needed by the Client for approval of work).фильмы бесплатно