We consider every business as an organized system. Its base is the sales. Its essence is the marketing. This means that the basis of business is the customer, his needs, conscious or unconscious. Bad business first creates a product/service and then trying to sell it. A successful business delivers the values to the market that inspire consumer to be part of it.

A key condition for the sustainability of business – effective customer satisfaction. Talking about efficiency makes sense if you treat your business pragmatically. We work with those owners who perceive its business, first and foremost, as a mechanism for generating income. We help to run a business more systematic and orderly manner.

Our approach based on the use of effective management techniques and tools - marketing analysis, strategic planning, sales optimization and promotion, brand management, organizational planning and regulation, performance evaluation.

Our services are useful for any business, no matter what stage it is in:
  • Stage of entering a new market , we will help you to understand who will be the target customers, determine their needs and desires and then to design the characteristics of the future product/service and think about the sales channels and promotion.
  • Stage of growing if the dynamics of sales was not as impressive as expected, we'll find out what the problem is: as the product/service, price, promotion tools, sales, branding, and maybe in the choice of the target segment of the market. After that we will offer you a plan to address the identified problems.
  • Stage of maturity when you are already the leader or one of the leaders of the market and sales have stabilised – we will help you to make a decision: either to maximize profit (to squeeze out of an existing product/service, all that is possible) or invest in the expansion of and the creation of additional services or to develop new market segments.
  • Stage of decline when life cycle comes to an end, sales are reduced, competitors are constantly increasing your territory, we will strategize on what is more effective: either to withdraw from the market and eliminate this direction (and if you eliminate that, when), or to invest in the creation of a fundamentally new product/service for this market.
The following is a list of our services in the field of marketing consulting:

Base services
1. Marketing audit
  • Diagnostics external and internal environment
2. Marketing strategy
  • Strategic analysis and market segmentation
  • goal setting and the concept of strategy
  • assortment Planning
  • price Planning
  • Planning of distribution
  • Planning of advertising and PR (marketing communications)
3. Marketing policy
  • description of the marketing mix and behavior of the company in the market, approved for a specified period
4.Structuring sales and marketing (optimizing org.structure and business processes)
  • Functional diagnostics units
  • designing the structure and provisions departments (research and consulting)
  • documentation of key business processes in the marketing Department and the sales Department
  • the development of the system of motivation and stimulation of employees marketing and sales
  • Development of key forms and templates (forms, reports, applications, plans, price lists, commercial offers, etc.)
  • Standards of conduct and dress code
5. The semantic platform of the brand / brands
  • the Analysis of the optimality of portfolio of brands
  • mapping of brand perception of the company and the competitors
  • the development of the attributes of the brand (according to method D. Aaker): mission, values, target audience, positioning, benefits from the purchase, the type of relationship with the consumer
  • the Formulation of the technical requirements for design-Agency
  • part in the selection of design Agency
  • inspection results, comment on refinement
  • Testing provided design options for focus groups
6. Communication strategy (advertising strategy and PR)
  • the Choice of communicative purposes
  • Characteristics of the target audience and its characteristics
  • Development of brand positioning
  • key messages of the advertising campaign (unique selling proposition)
  • Formation of a complex of means of promotion tactics and their use
  • Structuring of the advertising budget across regions, products/services, on time, on advertising media
7. Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising (the development and implementation of integrated methodology)
  • Development of methodology for data collection
  • Development of key forms and templates for data collection
  • Testing techniques in practice, and trial performance report
  • Teaching principles and methods of effectiveness evaluation (seminar)
8. Seminars and workshops on marketing at the customer site
  • Topic chosen individually by the customer or can be based on the above services
Thematic services
9. Promotion strategy in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal)

10. Organization of work of call center / contact center
  • Definition of the goals and objectives of the call center, the concept of call center
  • the Development of regulations of work of the call center, which allows to embed it into existing business processes
  • the capacity Planning of the call center, determining the number of jobs and the phone lines
  • the Preparation of regulations on the division, job descriptions
11. Development and implementation of a CRM system
  • Functional diagnostics company
  • designing the structure of CRM system
  • Regulation of business processes
  • the Development of technical requirements
  • part in the selection of a contractor in the field of IT
  • Monitoring of results, preparation of comments on the revision.
If you are interested in our services, send us a completed a brief and we will make you an individual offer.фильмы бесплатно