Desk research

Most often for the primary analysis of the market, there is no need to conduct special researches – as a rule, General information about the market was already someone collected and stored somewhere. Desk research (or desk research) is designed to search and collect "secondary" data, i.e. results of earlier studies.

Generally, Desk research helps to solve the following tasks:
  • Rating (calculation) capacity and market potential, growth rate
  • Evaluation of the market structure, the distribution of shares among competitors
  • market Segmentation, assessment of the most attractive segments
  • an analysis of the competition (marketing strategy, strengths/ weaknesses)
  • Analysis of market trends and factors defining development
  • the analysis of the legal possibilities and restrictions
  • and other tasks depending on the needs of the customer and the project budget
Thus, Desk research provides a General overview of the market. Therefore, usually it is used at the stage of entering a new market with the aim of assessing its attractiveness and choice of development strategy on it.

For this study, our specialists use a variety of sources, the final list of which depends on research budget:
  • records of government organizations (line ministries, services, agencies)
  • State statistics
  • Data from the sector of non-profit associations and unions
  • Database and reference
  • Specialized branch press
  • Reports on already conducted research in this area (if there is sufficient budget for the purchase of reports)
  • Scientific work, dissertation abstracts
  • Public information on the Internet (industrial Internet-editions, information and news services, websites, competitors, etc.)
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