Expert interviews

Expert interviews are used in case when it is necessary to obtain opinions, evaluations and comments by specific experts on the subject. In some cases, expert interviews replaced a focus group, if you collect respondents at one time and one place is not possible.

Expert interviews belong to qualitative research methods. This means that the counting statistics of the distribution of responses of experts will be incorrect.

Expert interview depending on the tasks can be formalized, polufermentirovanny or rigidly formalized. The greater the degree of formalization in an interview, the less time it takes an interview, and the less diversity of opinions and evaluations. Simultaneously with the interviews the expert may be asked to fill out a short form.

Our professionals have extensive experience in conducting expert interviews, including difficult interviews with the heads of large companies, scientists, high-ranking officials. Our interviewers are highly qualified – they are educated, erudite, have a broad Outlook in order to communicate with respondents on one level.

We are ready to provide full complex of services in conducting expert interviews:
  • the Development of the programme and Hyde interview
  • Search and negotiation with experts, the agreement on an interview
  • the Preparation of the transcripts of the recordings
  • Writing an analytical report
  • the Preparation of PowerPoint presentations
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