Focus groups

Focus groups (or focused group interviews) versus quantitative surveys are qualitative methods. The essence of focus groups – organization of guided discussions of selected respondents under the guidance of a moderator (presenter). This method is used in cases where it is necessary to examine the essence of a phenomenon, to understand its nature, internal structure and relationships. For example, in the analysis of behavior task focus of the group is not only to establish the facts (how people behave when purchasing), but also to understand their reasons and motives, including hidden and unconscious, and the attitude of consumers to established facts and motives.

Often focus groups are used for other purposes, for example, when a customer asks to conduct 20 focus groups to explore consumers ' perception of a new product. It is important to understand that you can't replace focus groups quantitative surveys. A large sample is no good, because the focus group does not allow to achieve the desired representativeness. Therefore, based on focus groups it is impossible to make the final management decisions. This method only helps you see problems or opportunities, and how prevalent in society these problems are as common on the market these capabilities – it can only show quantitative survey.

Our specialists are ready to provide a full range of services when you order focus groups:
  • the Development of the programme and guide the focus groups
  • Recruiting members and the remuneration of
  • the Moderation of focus groups with the participation of professional psychologists (possibly covert surveillance customer for the work of the focus groups)
  • the Preparation of transcripts of video and audio recording
  • Writing an analytical report
  • the Preparation of PowerPoint presentations
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