Hall-test (or in-hall test) is a type of research which is at the intersection of qualitative and quantitative methods. Its main purpose is the analysis of the reaction of the target audience for certain marketing materials and elements of the marketing mix.

Testing may be subject to:
  • the Concept of product /services
  • the product / service, its packaging, individual consumer characteristics (e.g., taste)
  • Price of goods/ services
  • Advertising materials (video, audio, print layouts)
  • the Slogans, advertising texts
  • photos of people painted the images of
Hall-test can be performed at the customer site, but we recommend this option only as a last resort. Optimal would be to rent space in places with high traffic and recruiting respondents directly on site at the time of testing. This helps eliminate bias and distortion in the answers of the respondents related to the influence of extraneous factors.

Our specialists are ready to perform a full range of services in hall-test:
  • Developing program and field materials (questionnaires, forms, accounting respondents, quota statements)
  • Prepare test samples (buying, printing, or copying)
  • room rental and technical equipment
  • the recruitment of the respondents and the remuneration of
  • Enter data in Excel or SPSS
  • the Preparation of transcripts of video and audio recording (if necessary)
  • Processing results, generating tables of the distribution
  • Writing an analytical report
  • the Preparation of PowerPoint presentations
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