Marketing Audit

This service is intended for independent examination of marketing activities of the company. The results of the diagnostics can be used by management to evaluate the work of the Department of marketing and sales, and third-party partners (banks, investors) in the initial stage of cooperation with companies.

Diagnosis is based on analysis of publicly available information without a long process of marketing research.

The diagnosis affects the following areas of activity:
  • environment
  • Target market and competition
  • Consumers (behaviour and preferences)
  • the Internal environment
  • Range
  • System sales and distribution
  • Prices and discounts
  • Branding
  • Communications (advertising, PR, BTL)
In the diagnostic process uses the following tools:
  1. interviews with key employees and top-managers of the enterprises
  2. interview with the stakeholders (suppliers or large distributors)
  3. monitoring process of customer service in the sales area, store, service center,
  4. a sample interview of consumers in the salesroom or on the telephone,
  5. analysis of publications on the topic in the business and trade press,
  6. the examination of advertising materials of the company, the Internet site of the enterprise, analysis of media plans
  7. analysis of marketing activities of major competitors.
The diagnostic results can be presented in the form of a report, as well as a one-day seminar with management and key staff of the client company, which includes a discussion of diagnostic results and development tasks to improve the activities.

The advantage of this service is the operational objective and independent view from outside at a relatively low cost (compared to comprehensive marketing research).

Period: from 3 days to 1 week depending on the number of target markets in which we operate, the number of brands and the breadth of the range under each brand, as well as the strategy implemented by the company.фильмы бесплатно