A Marketing policy

Marketing policy is a description of the General principles of conduct of the company on the market, approved for a period of time. In other words, this description of the marketing mix that a company has at the moment.

Marketing policies are developed for both internal and external users (partners, investors, tax authorities and authorities, etc.). It shows the level and quality of marketing efforts of the company.

The marketing policy includes the specification of the actual range of the company, the system of prices and pricing principles, discount system, principles of the advertising and PR activities, description of the system of sales and customer service, the list of regularly used marketing research. The specific content of the marketing policy can vary depending on the specifics of the company.
  • Unit: Products and services
  • Passport products (an index card with the description of the key characteristics of each product)
  • Areas for further improvement of the range
  • Unit: Sales and distribution
  • a List of sales offices, sales channels, areas of maintenance
  • directions of further development of sales and distribution
  • Unit: Prices and discounts
  • Price list(s) (separated options of prices: wholesale, retail, cities, regions, etc.)
  • Discount policy, the situation of the customer loyalty system
  • Unit: Promotion (advertising and PR)
  • Advertising budget, principles of its formation and the channels of marketing communications
  • advertising Used materials
  • Brand-book (corporate style standards)
  • Unit: Research and statistics
  • Description of a Marketing Information System (MIS) in the company
  • Feature applied marketing research
  • Assessment of customer satisfaction
  • "checker"
  • Price monitoring of the market
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising
  • etc.
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