Marketing and sociological research

If you need to regularly monitor changes occurring in your market in order to assess the degree of their success, and to collect operational information to adjust their strategy, we are pleased to offer our services.

We will be useful for those companies who need to gather information about something new and obscure: new markets, new products or technologies, new styles of consumer behavior and thinking of new competitors. We will provide you with reliable and detailed Analytics about what you had heard or guessed intuitively.
Our range of services in the field of marketing research covers all possible tasks that company faces in the process of strategic or tactical planning of its activities:

  • Analysis of the market environment
  • Evaluation of capacity, the dynamics of market structure
  • Analysis of trends, developments, opportunities and threats
  • a Forecast of the market development
  • consumer Analysis
  • consumer Segmentation
  • Behavioral patterns and life style
  • Values and beliefs, stereotypes and misconceptions of consumers
  • the Analysis of the visibility and reputation of the brand (brands)
  • the Level of awareness of consumers about brands and advertising
  • consumer attitudes to brands, Association
  • Level of preference and loyalty
  • the Analysis of competition
  • the Marketing policy of competitors (assortment, prices, sales and promotion, service )
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmarking
  • Analysis of product/services
  • Life cycle
  • Rating of the importance of the characteristics of the product/service
  • Factors and loyalty factors of refusal to purchase
  • competitiveness Assessment
  • Test product concepts packaging
  • Assessment of customer satisfaction from product/service
  • Analysis of prices
  • Price comparisons and price elasticity
  • Discount policy and discount
Our company has the resources to conduct research by any means:
  • Quantitative research (surveys: street, apartment, telephone, panel research, including online, monitoring of retail trade)
  • Qualitative research (focus groups, formal and informal individual interviews, including complex expert interviews with senior top managers or officials)
  • Mixed methods (hall tests, mystery shopping, test sales)
  • ' Desk research (analysis of past research, statistics collection and analysis databases, monitoring press and the Internet, including industry publications)
We do not impose the client a particular research method. After the initial diagnosis of the situation, we recommend that such methods of collecting and analyzing information that will allow the maximum extent to solve the problem facing the client.фильмы бесплатно