Mystery Shopping

"Secret (or mysterious) the buyer" - (from the English. Mystery Customer or Mystery Shopper) – a series of specially organized covert audits of individual channels of interaction between the company and its customers conducted by the special controller under the guise of an ordinary client. Used by companies for self-control, and to explore service quality in competing organizations.

Subject of research:
  • staff Professionalism (knowledge of product/service, technology sales, the ability to resolve conflict, unusual situations)
  • personnel's Compliance with standards and regulations service
  • Corporate identity and brand book (exterior and interior outlets, appearance of employees, availability of promotional materials)
  • Prices and conditions of work (in the case of check of competitors)
  • Ethics and aesthetics (courtesy, kindness, neatness, good manners)
Inspect the following channels of interaction between the company and its customers:
  • a Visit to a retail salon / shop / office / warehouse / service centre
  • a Request through the website / online support / online store
  • a phone call
  • Services with departure on the house/ in office
The study may be accompanied by a hidden audio/ video recording, as well as the trial purchase of a product of competitors and study its properties.

In recent years the interest of customers to the service "mystery shopping" has increased manifold due to increased competition in the market and the desire of companies to provide a high level of service quality. However, this growth in demand has led to the emergence of unprofessional contractors that do not enforce a methodology for audits "mystery shopper".

Our specialists are ready to provide a full range of services to ensure an adequate level of quality in audits conducted "mystery shopper":
  • Development of the study methodology and field materials (observation forms, route sheets, etc.)
  • Casting and training of controllers
  • Conducting field work
  • quality Control of field work
  • Enter data in an array to Excel
  • Transcript transcripts of audio/ video
  • analytical report
  • the Preparation of PowerPoint presentations
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