Massive research of the suburban real estate market

We have completed the marketing research of the real estate market In December 2017. We have analyzed the trends of the suburban real estate market: the current state, development prospects, experts ' opinions about the future of the market, the views of buyers of suburban and real estate.
We have analyzed the opinions of 15 experts, including: the President of the Union of Constructors of the Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Koropachinskiy, an expert on real estate sale, Eugene Runzjanin, Deputy Director of the construction company "Siblider" Yuriy Podoprigora, the Manager of the “Alpiyskaya derevnya Chamony” Ivan Maltanski.
We have analyzed the reasons for the purchase and selection criteria of real estate in Krasnoyarsk, including  the " gated community ": the village of "Incom Sosny", the village of "Udachnyy", the village of "Kuznetsovo", the opinions of residents of the area "Yuzjnyy bereg". Conducted 30 in-depth interviews to get all the information about the residential real estate market of Krasnoyarsk
As a result of the marketing research, the client received the necessary melons for the development project, a description of the portrait of the target audience, the criteria for choosing the property by the target audience, an assessment of the prospects and risks of the project.скачать dle 12.1 ...
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