Krasnoyarsk listening to the radio

We have completed the rating of radio stations in Krasnoyarsk in the spring of 2018. We've interviewed 1060 people to learn how listening to the radio the citizens of Krasnoyarsk. We have completed information about which radio stations the participants of the study listen to, where they listen to the radio, when, and what is the main for the "good radio station".
The most popular is "Avtoritetnoe Radio".  About 35,5% are listen this wave. The most of all listening to the radio in their cars. For them the good radio is good music and some news. According to Dmitry Buevich, the Director of "Avtoritetnoe Radio": ... reasonable explanations why "Avtoritetnoe Radio" is the most listened in Krasnoyarsk much. We are local, we all about Krasnoyarsk and for Krasnoyarsk, no many hours of news of the Sadovoe koltso. We're constantly dreaming up some advertising antics on the theme "Krasnoyarsk – Glavnyy". 
As a result of the marketing research, the client received the necessary data to promote the project, information about the socio-demographic profile of the audience, about the preferences of the audience, measurable information about the segments of the loyal audience: "promoters" and "lawyers" of the brand.скачать dle 12.1 ...
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