The interviews (or face-to-face interviews) are classified as quantitative research. Apply when the essence of the phenomenon under study is already known and understood, it is only necessary to measure it quantitatively.

Surveys allow you to solve quite a wide range of marketing tasks – analysis of consumption patterns, the study of values and lifestyles, measurements of indexes of popularity of the brand (awareness, preference, loyalty).

There are a variety of types and techniques of interviews, but most of them can be reduced to three types:
  • the Housing surveys. Used for long interviews (from 20 to 40 minutes).
  • Street (or polls in public places). Used for short and medium length of interview.
  • Telephone interviews. Conducted via CATI technology. Short surveys (10 minutes) are carried out quickly enough (up to 100 interviews a day).
Every year, our company conducts about 30 major surveys like Krasnoyarsk, on the territory of Siberia and the Far East.

Our specialists are ready to perform:
  • development of a programme of research and field materials (questionnaires, task lists, forms, accounting, quota statements)
  • Piloting of the questionnaire
  • Selection and training of interviewers (possible training under the supervision of the customer)
  • Planning and conducting field work
  • Multistage quality control of field work
  • Enter the collected questionnaires in an electronic array to Excel or SPSS
  • Processing results, generating tables of the distribution
  • Writing an analytical report
  • the Preparation of PowerPoint presentations
Data reliability is ensured by a multilevel system of control, which includes control of presence of the interviewer in the workplace, visual view 100% of the questionnaires, verify the consistency of answers, random telephone calls to the respondents (from 10% to 50% of the sample), statistical quality control.

Our company has an extensive database of experienced and trusted interviewers who have proven themselves in numerous projects. Most interviewers cooperate with the company permanently. This allows you to conduct surveys with high quality of the data collected.

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