Retail Audit

Monitoring (or auditing) retail type of market research, namely, the census of assortment, pricing and/or inventory for a specific product category in the retail network of the city. Allows you to evaluate such factors as:
  • the Level of presence of the goods of a certain brand (% of retail outlets, in the range which the present mark)
  • the Level of presence of the range brand (% of retail outlets, in the range where there are certain varieties of brands and certain volume of filling)
  • the Level of presence of brands in certain sales channels (pavilions, shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, food markets, etc.)
  • the Share on the shelf brand or product positions
  • the Average price of a brand or product (in whole or in the context of sales channels)
  • the market Share of the brand or product position (if a record of inventory)
  • Share of a specific vendor market (% outlets who ordered products from certain wholesalers or distributors)
Monitoring is conducted with a certain frequency from 1 per quarter to 2 times a month. To minimize the cost of the test is usually results are distributed by subscription among a certain circle of customers.

Our specialists are ready to perform for you:
  • development of a programme of research and field materials (forms, monitoring, routing sheets)
  • a sampling points and recruit them to participate in the study
  • Conducting field work
  • quality Control of field work
  • Enter data in an array
  • Calculation of tables of the distribution
  • analytical report
  • the Preparation of PowerPoint presentations
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