Semantic brand platform

Brand – a set of ideas and associations about the product, used to attract and retain consumers. Brand in contrast to the brand is an intangible construct that exists only in the minds of consumers.

One of the objectives of the brand – giving the consumer additional value of the product, giving the company greater freedom in the choice of pricing strategy. The latter circumstance makes branding especially important in the market of premium and luxury goods. In addition, the brand is also the asset that if used wisely-enhances business capitalization.

The process of developing the brand platform includes:

  • Diagnostics external and internal environment of the company: the market, customers, competition, opportunities and resources of a company
  • the Analysis of the optimality of portfolio of brands
  • mapping of brand perception of the company and the competitors
  • Developing brand attributes:
  • the mission of the brand
  • brand Vision
  • brand Value
  • Benefits (functional, emotional, social)
  • Positioning
  • a portrait of the typical user of the brand
  • type of relationship with the consumer
  • a Formulation of the technical requirements for design-Agency
  • part in the selection of design Agency (placement of order to develop a brand name and visual style)
  • Monitoring of results, preparation of comments for revision
  • Testing provided by the design options (focus groups or hall test)
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